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What are video walkthroughs?

Video walkthroughs are short, soundless videos of a listing, captured through our apps on your smartphone

Max 2 minutes in length

Only available on Zillow and Trulia

Not intended to be a replacement for high-end video shoot• Way to introduce video for 90-95% of homes without it today

Can pause and review individual clips, and preview before uploading

Can record video for any property – but listing must be “for sale” for video to be published

on Zillow

Listing agent must approve video                                                                                  

Listings with video walkthrough are sorted to the top of Zillow and Trulia search results

Listings w/ video walkthrough are getting more than 2x the pageviews and double the saves

Video walkthroughs are a great way to increase the number of contacts a listing can generate

Video walkthroughs are the first thing buyers see on “For Sale” listings

When a video walkthrough is added to a listing, Zillow notifies hundreds of potential buyers

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